1) Have fun playing MMORPGs.
2) Build a group of skilled and mature players.
3) Work together as a guild to progress through raid content.

About Abaddon

Abaddon is a casual raiding guild with hardcore raiding ethics. We're here to have fun, build camaraderie within the guild, and kick some ass.

Requirements for Membership

1) You must be mature and competent.
2) You must be self-sufficient.
3) You must have a sense of humor.
4) You must accept that rank & invite priority are based upon attitude, attendance, and performance in that order.


There is one phrase that sums up all of Abaddon's rules and that is: "Don't be a dick."

1) Respect and treat others with dignity.
2) Follow the instruction of officers and raid assistants.
3) Zero tolerance for drama, racism, homophobia, or sexism.
4) Guild forum participation is strongly encouraged.
5) Don't feed the forum trolls.
6) Keep guild and voice chat free of unnecessary chatter during raids.
7) Have fun!

Guild Bank

The bank exists to serve the guild. Gold will be used to fund consumables and repairs for progression raids. You must be at least of Member rank to request items from reserved tabs. Items that go unused will be auctioned off to supply the guild bank with additional funds.

DKP/Loot Distribution

Abaddon uses a silent DKP bidding system. DKP is earned per hour of raid time and for each boss kill. Items are auctioned by the raid leader and members whisper a single bid in increments of five with a minimum bid of fifty. The winner pays the second highest bid plus five, if there was only a single bid, the winner pays the full amount. Members on standby earn full DKP as long as they are online and available if needed.


The leadership of Abaddon strives for transparency. Discussions that impact the guild will be brought to the guild forums for all members to read.

Guild Ranks

Guild Master: Entrusted with handling guild functions and setting the strategic goals of the guild.

Officer: Veterans who have shown the leadership, maturity, and knowledge that is necessary to help lead the guild.

Veteran: Members who have proven themselves as a strong asset to the guild. They maintain greater than 75% raid attendance.

Member: Successfully completed the Initiate period and have shown themselves to be an asset to the guild. They maintain greater than 66% raid attendance.

Casual Raider: Casual Raiders are members who wish to raid, and will make occasional raids; but, due to work/school and other scheduling constraints are not able to make raids as frequently as Members.

Initiate: Initiates are undergoing an evaluation period in the guild.

Alt: Reserved for alternate characters of Casual Raiders, Members, or Veterans.

Friend & Family: Non-raiders that are friends and family of the guild.